Pic of my new Model 100 with translucent keycaps and rainbow lighting

look how pretty it is!

I can’t get Chrysalis to work since I’m on Win7, but I finally got the default keymap flashed on there with Arduino, and then modified it.

next up is putting transparent labels on all the keys!


Interested to see how you go with labels. I bought some laser-printable ones thinking I might have a go once I’d settled on a layout, but I haven’t tested them yet.

this is how it looked on my old Model 01!

Wow, that looks good and an interesting layout. I really miss dedicated arrow keys, but not sure I could the same. Do you really have a the key?

yeah, dedicated arrow keys are a must for me. I even fit them on the Atreus!

I had a “the” key on the Model 01 for a little bit, but never used it. I switched to the Atreus when I got it. Now I think I’ll switch to the Model 100.