Model 100 shipping overshare thread

The package was delivered today, without any notice or tracking#. But I’m very happy it arrived, safe and sound. What a piece of work, this keyboard. It’s absolutely amazing. But it’s gonna take some time to learn to type on this kit. :heart_eyes:

Step aside Atreus. Model 100 is here.

received keycaps weeks ago. is it normal at this point to have absolutely nothing and no update on the keyboard?

thanks for the info we’re all going to send customs a strongly worded email just as soon as we have keyboards to type it with. :joy:

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just as soon as we have keyboards to type it with

LOL (typed on my Model 100).

it was like that for me in Germany, received keyboard today.

Mmh, somewhat jealous that you have received your keyboard already… :wink:

I still have no tracking code to the Netherlands…!? :frowning:

Regarding the custom layout. I am practicing my layout and find that it works really well for English, German and Dutch (would also be fine for French and some other languages). I’ll create a website when I find some time and describe the layout and upload the keyboard files for Windows.

Today, my keyboard went from “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” to “Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility”.

The potential good news is mine went into “Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility” (in California) on Tuesday Oct 18 at 5:44pm. Being in NY, I figured it would be several more days. But I got it at 11am on Thursday Oct 20. Hopefully yours moves through as fast.

mine is not even shipped yet… :frowning: (to the Netherlands)

My keyboard arrived today. Someone put a label on the box that identified the following problems:

  • Invalid return address
  • Evidence of counterfeit postage label
  • Collect POSTAGE DUE upon delivery

I was not asked to give any money to the postman.

Under the USPS stickers, there was a 17FEIA label. 17FEIA reported that the package’s timeout was spent waiting for the US shipping partner to accept the package after it had been cleared by customers.

The 17FEIA label has:

  • No return address
  • No postage

Just came to say that the keyboard I ordered that was stuck in customs made it here Saturday, though I didn’t receive a shipping update. So it looks like they’re starting to filter out!

I got mine here in the US (Seattle, WA) without ever getting my tracking number - it just showed up last week. Yay!

Mine finally came! No issues with shipping.

Look how pretty it is!

Same, and still nothing :frowning:

A recent Kickstarter post says the package’s associated postage vanished because the package was given to USPS over 28 days after the tracking number & associated label were generated.

No explanation of the invalid return address though.

I can see how a computer would infer that a label with $0 postage and invalid return address is counterfeit.

Haven’t seen any mentions in this thread of time between ordering and first shipping update, so I’ll add my data:

I ordered on November 1st, shipping to Seattle, WA. As of today the 10th there are no shipping updates, not even a “label created.” I suspect this is perfectly normal, and I wanted to share this in case others are also anxious.

That’s because most people ordered via crowd-funding sites a long time ago, fully expecting to wait for delivery. I was late to the party & I ordered in September 2021.

I had created the spreadsheet for Kickstarter-backers in the USA. At this time, I expect that nearly all of us have received them. If you still haven’t, it might be time to ask for help from Keyboardio.

In light of that, I’m going to remove the spreadsheet.

I finally got a tracking code and the note that my keyboard should arrive in a week. That was today and indeed it arrived without further delay. Overall I was waiting 3 months after the order.

First impression: I love the keyboard (general quality) and at the same time hate it as well (lack of user friendliness) and it will surely take some time for practice and basic setup!

ordered back in early 8/22.
order confirmation 9/16/22
shipment notification 11/21/22 (to LA, California)
received in perfect condition 11/30/22

I guess it was a blessing in disguise to not be in the initial massive batch, as the shippers seemed to have bit off more they could chew. Took me a day of digging around on the forum to figure out how to use Chrysalis, but once it’s all configured to the way I prefer, I’m loving it. Make no mistake, there is a learning curve!