Keycaps shipping soon?

Hey Keyboardio peeps. Any update on when replacement keycap sets will ship? Thanks!

The most recent updates seem to be on their twitter feed; indicates that the preordered black and QWERTY caps have shipped and half of the unpainted ones have.

That’s correct. QWERTY, Black and half of the unpainted sets went out a week or two ago via Airmail from China. They don’t have tracking, but are insured, so we’ll be able to get replacements if they vanish in the mail. More on this will be in the backer update I’m currently procrastinating writing.

The status from the factory has been “Shipping in a couple weeks” since…January. You have no idea how maddening this is.


Thanks Fluffy and Jesse. I got annoyed with Twitter a few years back. :slight_smile:

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Hello! Is it still possible to pre-order keycaps?

Once they’re in stock, they’ll be available for ‘regular’ purchase from


Any chance the new travel cases will be ready at nearly the same time?

At this point, I’ve learned not to speculate on ship dates, wherever possible.


Oh wow, has it really been 6mo since I received my Model 1?
(Sort of OT I guess. :slight_smile: Hope my extra keycaps make it in before xmas. :slight_smile: )

Love to see photos of the blank keycaps if anyone receives them! Looking forward to my blanks and clears…

The report from the factory is that all the Black, Unpainted, QWERTY and Linear A keycap sets have now been sent to the shipping agent.


Any update on shipping? Also, I don’t see keycaps for sale on the site.

The most recent update is still what I posted above. As soon as we have more detail, I promise I’ll tell you.

FWIW I still have not received my two sets of unpainted keycaps here in Toronto. No communication from a shipping agent either. Cheers.

I think the postal strike is still on-going in Toronto, which might be delaying things (I also live there & haven’t heard anything yet).

Nothing in Hungary either. As far as I know, no keycaps arrived yet. Which must be super frustrating to everyone involved.

I believe the best course of action at the moment is to wait it out, we’ll have an update as soon as there are any news. We always had quick updates shared on Twitter, I don’t think this’ll be any different either.