What's the latest info on keycap sets?


I’ve read about the nightmare situation that happened in the latest backer update, but as that was over a month ago, I’m wondering if there is any update that @Jesse could give as to when we might hope to see the keycaps ship?

(Jesse) #2

I can’t really give much of an update until keycaps are physically shipped. There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that there is ongoing legal and business-relationship “stuff” that is as-yet unresolved. The second is that we just don’t -know-.

I -believe- that QWERTY, Black, and White keycap sets will ship significantly sooner than Dvorak, Colemak, and Linear-A sets, for the simple reason that our factory’s ex-salesperson never ordered those sets.

I have been told by the factory that Black, White and QWERTY sets destined for customers in Hong Kong and Taiwan have actually been shipped out in the past day or so.

Personally, I take that as good news and a possible sign that things might be getting moving for the rest of the QWERTY, Black, and White sets.

(tiltowaitt) #3

What are the Linear-A sets? I don’t think I remember hearing about them (though I do remember a—“runic” set?). Do you have a mockup or diagram?

(Gergely Nagy) #4

This topic has some mockups:


Received a set of unpainted keycaps today (DHL, no customs paperwork or fees).

(Jesse) #6

I’m happy to hear it.

The current status as of today:

  • We have come to an agreement with the factory about shipping QWERTY, Black, and White keycap sets.

  • Most QWERTY, Black, and White keycap sets have been shipped or are expect to be shipped in the next 48 hours.

  • The factory sent us pictures of the keycaps boxed up, labeled and ready to go

  • We’ll send tracking numbers to everyone to whom we shipped keycaps, probably some time next week.

  • We don’t actually know what the customs declarations on the keycaps say, but are eagerly awaiting reports. We suspect the factory may have under-declared their value without discussing it with us.

  • We won’t have an update on Colemak, Dvorak, and Linear-A keycaps until after Chinese New Year. Because our factory’s former salesperson doctored the ordered, they have not yet been manufactured. It’s going to be a while.

(Chris) #7

White Keycaps?

When can I order?

Do you have a picture of them on a board?

(Gergely Nagy) #8

There’s an old pic of them on Twitter:

They’re awesome.

(Tae) #9

Unpainted keycaps just arrived :purple_heart::tada:

(Jesse) #10

Yay! What country are you in?

(Tae) #11

I am in Chile so I thought I would have to wait more than other people :sweat_smile:

(Chris) #12

Will blank black and whites go on the store once the backers have been fulfilled?

(Jesse) #13

As it happens, China Post doesn’t have an ‘ePacket’ shipping deal with Chile. So you were one of the lucky folks who got upgraded to DHL :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #14

Once we get the extra sets into our warehouse in HK, yes :slight_smile:

Blank keycaps install -- DON'T do what I did
(Rick Cogley) #15

I’ll definitely buy a set of white ones as soon as they are available. Hope soon!

(Gergely Nagy) #16

Keycaps arrived to Hungary too. And damn, are they beautiful!

(Ben Gemperline) #17

Was tracking ever sent out? I’ve moved since the backerkit was sent out and I’m fairly certain they’re shipped to the wrong address.

(Jesse) #18

@bagels - Colemak, Dvorak, and Linear A sets haven’t been made yet. Before we send them out, we’ll send you email asking you to update your address.

(Nick Handel) #19

Will you announce availability here? Together with the Chrysalis enhancements, this will make my M01 PERFECT.

(Kevin Galligan) #20

What are thoughts on the future with regards to keycaps? I’d love to be able to order a Colemak set but I ordered my keybaord way after alternate keycaps were available. After the manufacturing nightmare I can imagine the goal would be to wrap up existing orders, but I’m also thinking that adding a few extra keycap sets is pretty straightforward if the production is still pending.

That, or if somebody ordered a Colemak set but isn’t going to use them, reach out after delivery :slight_smile: