How to order/chose a keycap set?

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I somehow lost track of how or when one can chose a keycap set. I’ve got, that all keyboards get sent with qwerty caps and others will be produced and sent later, though.

I’m not a backer, but just ordered a Model 01, if that makes a difference.

So, will I get asked at some point in time or will they become new items in the shop to buy?

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At some point in the future, keycap sets will indeed be available at


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Sorry, need to keep it short, before work fills out a missing persons report with the police :slight_smile:

Could you please summarize, what the currently decided on workflow was for getting non-qwerty keycaps to customers for backers and/or now-orderers . I’m sure, I’ve read about it in the backers updates, but I can’t recall what the youngest development in the plans was, or when/which update.

Thank you. 'Til later.

(Don’t know if the current plan has changed since the linked comment.)


Thanks, cal. That’s the part I could still recall.

I found, what I tried to remember, though. It wasn’t an update, where I read it, but the campaign description:

(The standard keycaps will have QWERTY legends; if you’d prefer blank keycaps you can choose them as an option on your backer survey.) We’re experimenting with a version of blank keycaps with a translucent dot in the middle, so you still get the most out of the nice glowing effects.

We will be making additional sets of keycaps available for sale after the campaign ends. Each key set will come with a key-puller. We’re going to do everything we can to offer custom laser engraving, so you can have gorgeous custom keycaps that match your custom key layout.

Is this still up-to-date?
Where/when/how will be my opportunity to get those delicious translucent-dot-in-the-middle ones? (no backer, did just order)
Is there a way to free the keycaps’ topsides from the opaque black still having them feel and look good in the end and shine through?

I don’t recall seeing the dot caps in the final list, but if you’re looking for glow, have you seen the blank translucent set that Jesse tweeted a while back? As I recall, the dots were a compromise when they weren’t sure if there would be enough interest to make alternate keymaps (Dvorak, Runic, etc).


The kickstarter campaign was quite a while ago, and very optimistic. No plan survives first contact, etc. :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware (and mind you I’m a volunteer and not speaking for Keyboardio, just repeating what I’ve heard), the status of keycaps is:

  • There are not currently any other keycaps available than the qwerty ones that are shipping installed on the keybords.

  • There will be other keycaps later, details TBD.

  • I don’t recall exactly what sets are currently planned. I believe there are translucent, solid black, Dvorak, Colemak, and runic ones that are planned.

  • Getting the back-ordered keyboards shipped and working for people is the priority right now, so when and how they will ship is not known.

Does that help clarify?

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That’s all just about right. The factory was supposed to get me final pricing on the keycap sets this week, but did not.

I believe they’ve started the injection molding for them, even though we haven’t finalized the order size.


Thanks, the three of you!

Those translucent ones look yummy, too, but might be lacking in contrast for my use case. My current plan is being free of keycap labels and categorize like vowels, consonants, punctuation, braces, etc. and assign them keys colours accordingly. I guess, the runic ones are meant for something like that. Though I’d prefer them symbolically neutral.

As I understand it, the keycaps are of a translucent body and coated black - then lasered free of the black coating to make up the labels?

Would then the materials allow for removing said black coating in patterns like dot-wise with hobbyist tools and ending up with a nice finish still?

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I am assuming the black set would do this. I’ve been wondering about dremelling.

I’m planning at the moment to get a clear set and work out stenciling labels on and then poly coating the keys. This may involve using a vinyl cutter to make positives of the symbols and then painting the whole key set, then removing the vinyl positive and poly coating the keys. I think that will be more satisfactory than trying to hand dremel the black set. Some experimentation will be required. :slight_smile:

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Wow, you’re really prepared to invest time and efford. Admirable!

Lazy old me thought more in the lines of - depending on the black layer’s thickness - milling away somewhat of a circle, polish it and be done. I actually wouldn’t mind it looking worn off and being a bit unevenly distributed, as long as it would look and feel worn and not shredded. The latter would depend on the material - polycarbonate it is, I think, that cannot be polished, for example. Doesn’t take or something like that.

Will you be creating a wiki for this DIY project?

We’ve been sort of assuming that lasers were going to be the answer.

Because, I mean, when aren’t lasers the answer?


I know the laser I have access to has focus issues if there’s more than ~1mm of change in surface depth, so am not considering it as a solution. I think building a jig to support the keys at a uniform depth would be a harder lift than sticking on some vinyl stickers and using some spray paint. :slight_smile:

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If I do it I’ll take some pics and share whatever digital assets I create. I won’t be writing a step by step guide, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I would pay handsomely for the ability to send you a pdf of labels and have keys custom engraved, because that would be well worth the weekend or two I’d be spending on the above described project. :stuck_out_tongue:


IIRC from an earlier talk with Jesse, the keys are an ABS composite.

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We…know. Supposedly, our Glowforge will eventually get continuous auto-focus. The other option is to get the ‘other’ kind of laser that’s more commonly used for this in factories. It’s a little bit spendy and a lot more dangerous

The big sticking point for us is getting good-quality UV coating after the engraving. That’s something that’s a bit harder to do in a home workshop.


I’m sure. What makes UV protection such a stickler, as opposed to a sprayed on poly finish?

ETA: I do like the matte feel better than shiny, and that’s not something I’ve looked into making.

My understanding is that the UV-blocking clear coat helps ensure that the color of the underlying plastic won’t change over time. I don’t actually know what the material being applied is.

The issue is with sprayed-on coatings in general - even a tiny speck of dust is probably a no-go for something we’re selling for a bunch of money.

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