Blank keycaps install -- DON'T do what I did

When I opened my mail today, I was greeted with a set of white, unpainted keycaps. So far they are everything I wanted and more. They give me a sort of classic Star Trek ascetic, and the lights are SO much brighter.

However, when I pulled off the plastic cover, I must have jostled them a bit. It took me a long time to figure out which key goes where. If you will soon be the recipient of a set like this, I advise that you do everything you can to keep the keys oriented and in the right positions as you put them in. If there is a trick for this, please share.


I found the very small numbers that are printed on the keycap bottoms. Those will be very helpful to others if you spill your tray of keycaps…

Also, my set has two 55’s. So I’m guessing that dilemma wasn’t entirely user error.


So where do I get these blank keys from?? I’m in the UK - is that why I can’t see them on the site?

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They’re not on the shop yet. Kickstarter backers and pre-orders are getting fulfilled first, then they’ll be available on the store.


The numbering scheme is here: