Do Model 01 translucent or black keycaps have locator bumps?

I’m not sure if ‘locator bumps’ is the right term. I’m talking about the little dots on F, J, space, and backspace. The dot on my space key has worn out and I’d like to replace it, so I was thinking o getting a translucent set and swapping in the space key, but I really have gotten used to the dots.

Also - since most of the keycaps are individually sculpted, how do you tell which key goes where? Just by feel? Or are they labeled?

Same question applies to the blank black keycaps.

They have the same bumps as the Qwerty layout. (I have the translucent keys, but it’s the same for all of them.) They come in a plastic tray in the correct layout so you will know how to place them.

They also have small numbers inside them. I don’t remember exactly how the pattern goes, but I know that 1 = the LED key, and then it counts in a zig-zag pattern across both halves of the board. So if some of them accidentally fall out of the tray and get mixed up (happens to the best of us) there is still a way to find out what cap goes where :slight_smile:

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From [Led] to [Prog] and from [Num] to [Any] :game_die:

You can find the complete scheme here :

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