How to order/chose a keycap set?

(Jennifer Leigh) #21

yup! fortunately I’m prepared to deal with my own shoddy workmanship. :stuck_out_tongue:


If I had access to a “standard” laser cutter, could I customize the blank keycaps with it?

(Jesse) #23

Maybe. But you’d really want a clear coating on top, so the paint didn’t chip


OK. Is there a DIY way to get such a coating?
Oh and I have a friend who is a lacquerer…

(Jared Harris) #25

Making our own is intriguing but scary and hard (for me anyway).

What is the timeline (at the moment) for the Keyboardio produced blank keycaps?

(Gergely Nagy) #26

The latest news is that the factory still thinks they can produce them by the end of March. Which means they would ship in April.

But as all things, this might change too.