Any update on keycaps?

As far as I can tell, initial backers got the extra keycaps, but they’ve never been available to buy them otherwise.

I wasn’t a backer, and I got my (translucent) keycaps a few months ago, ordered from here.

I’m a backer and I never got my extra keycaps. I thought the Runic (Linear-A) set I had ordered was not available yet, but just now I’ve discovered that it is. So I’m not sure what happened with that.

Only black blanks and translucent unpainted keycaps were shipped. Linear-A and non-QWERTY caps aren’t available yet.

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Thanks for the link. I was thinking was the place to order.

Also a backer, and still waiting on Dvorak & Linear-A.

Wait! What ?! Backers were shipped extra keys? How did I not hear about this. Are they still available for me to get now or are they all gone?

I can’t remember if it was a perk for early birds, or if I had to pay extra to get them thru backerkit. But yeah, many backers ordered an extra set of keycaps – but they’re not special keycaps, they’re the same you’ll be able to buy from the keyboardio website at some point!