Any update on keycaps?

(Ian Kelling) #1

As far as I can tell, initial backers got the extra keycaps, but they’ve never been available to buy them otherwise.

(Andrew McCauley) #2

I wasn’t a backer, and I got my (translucent) keycaps a few months ago, ordered from here.

(albx79) #3

I’m a backer and I never got my extra keycaps. I thought the Runic (Linear-A) set I had ordered was not available yet, but just now I’ve discovered that it is. So I’m not sure what happened with that.

(Gergely Nagy) #4

Only black blanks and translucent unpainted keycaps were shipped. Linear-A and non-QWERTY caps aren’t available yet.

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(Ian Kelling) #5

Thanks for the link. I was thinking was the place to order.

(kajsa.anderson) #6

Also a backer, and still waiting on Dvorak & Linear-A.

(Dianna Dearborn) #7

Wait! What ?! Backers were shipped extra keys? How did I not hear about this. Are they still available for me to get now or are they all gone?