Linear A Keycaps for the Atreus Arrived and Assembled!

They arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to get started. First thing I really appreciate is the lack of additional plastic or cardboard packaging on the box.

I immediately put everything I was doing on hold to see what’s inside, and wow that’s a lot more than I thought I needed for my Atreus.

Had a lot of fun figuring out a theme for the layout I wanted, with the exception of the two keys with the guide bumps.

And the finished keyboard!

Something else I just realised because of the randomness of the Linear A keycaps available. If we ever meet in public after the end of this plague, we can pretty much identify each other via our own Linear A layouts, similar to that of identifying whales by the shape and markings on their tails!

The keys feel excellent, and I am once more looking forward to using these in front of people some day in the future for that instant geek cred. Thanks to the Keyboardio team for making this happen!


Pretty awesome, those keys are badass. I hope we get a hieroglyphs set one day - I’d actually like some symbols that are as far removed from the latin alphabet as possible. Easier to map mentally to a non-qwerty layout, especially on a keyboard where you can’t move the keys such as the model 01 and 100.

Does anyone know if the plastic and the texture feel of the Linear A set is the same or close to the original with legends or the original blanks set? I cannot really tell from the photos=)

I am only asking because there is a tiny, but noticeable difference between the original legends and blanks set, and I am curious if some blank keys would stick out from the Linear A set (in terms of the plastic).

It didn’t seem to stick out. At least for my case, I used the blank keys for alignment for how they should look. At first they seem to be a bit taller, but I then realised the new keycaps just needed to be pushed a bit harder during installing and they were flush.

After I got the hang of it, I popped them all off and installed the Linear A keycaps. Only difference is I can feel the printing but otherwise, it was a totally perfect substitution.

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