WANTED: Model01 Keycaps (LinearA, Blanck or White) in EU (France)

Hello !
I try to touch-type in BÉPO on my Model01, but the Qwerty keycaps perturbs me when I cheat seeking a letter (well, bad habits !).
I really in love with the Linear-A, the history behind, and the community-driven choice made here. Black or White blanck keys will be good, also.

Item: A set of non Alphabetical keycaps for my Model01
Price: Keycaps + Shipping + Taxes from Keyboard.io is about 50$, so I expect to pay less :slight_smile:
Condtion: I hope the keys to be in good health, by I can mix with my original qwerty caps if needed.
Location: I’m in France and I can do a pickup from Brest

Waiting for your proposal :slight_smile:

I have a spare unopened and unused blank set, I will sell for what I paid for them.