[WANTED] Blank keycaps EU

Just checking whether anyone has the white blank keycaps for the Model01 that they decided against using? I’d love to take them off your hands, just let me know the price.

Hi Paul,
I have one set that I did not want to use because the plastic structure of the keys is too apparent for me.
Would 5€ + shipping fee be OK for you?
It may be around 15€, even with the plastic enclosure.
Let me know if you are interested.

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Hi jsimatic,

That would be totally great! Cool!

How can I best pay you and exchange details etc?


Hey I’m interested in these if you guys don’t conclude this deal. I’m in UK. Let me know. Thanks


I just saw in a few other posts how people proceeded, so if you would like to continue, my email is thepauljones@gmail.com - if you send me your payment details here I’ll be happy to pay you.