Printed clear labels for my keymap!

I used a labelmaker to print labels on clear tape so I could have labels on the translucent keycaps! Really pleased with how it turned out:

I really like my keymap a lot. Having keys designated for the arrows is great, and using three of the right-hand thumb keys along with one of the keys above is perfect.


This is inspiring! I have thought about how to modify the key labels to match my set up; now I will get a set of translucent keycaps when available. Great job getting everything aligned nicely. For me it would be a plus if there was a way (via Chrysalis, I am not a programmer at all, zero) to control the intensity of the LEDs per key, as well as color because I would prefer to keep the standard keys for letters, and it appears that the intensity of the light is much higher with the translucent keycaps.

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Well I kicked the intensity up to the maximum level of 255, so that’s why it’s brighter.

Even if you’re not a programmer, adjusting the intensity is not difficult, and people on this forum are extremely helpful - give it a try!

What do you mean about the intensity affecting use of the standard keys as letters?

Someone asked for more details on how I did this - I used a Brother labelmaker with clear tape and just printed the labels. Then I cut them out and stuck them on the keyboard, which took a few tries to get them situated correctly.

Weirdly, my labelmaker doesn’t have the entire ASCII character set, but it does have a bunch of random symbols, so I had to improvise.

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That actually looks very nice. I’ve you’ve loaded christmas lights, fire, or digital rain please (consider) make(ing) a gif or short video and post it.

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That looks amazing and very neat. Now the big question… it’s been just over a year since you posted that. How well did the labels last? Did some start rubbing off the print, did some labels come loose?

I guess it shouldn’t matter too much. If printing new labels are a simple and quick process, you could just print the needed labels and stick them on again. Good for the next few months. :slight_smile: