Dedicated arrow keys!

After trying a few layouts, I realized I really needed dedicated arrow keys. So I made one with them. It works really well and I love having them. The three right hand thumb keys and the one above them work perfectly for an inverted T set of arrow keys: look!


Going to add this to my numpad layer!


That’s a brillant idea! The h/j/k/l movements is one of the hardest things to muscle memorize on the M01 for me. Having those arrow keys on the numpad layer is going to be the perfect emergency alternative.

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Addendum: I’ve tried out the mapping, and having the ‘up’ key needing a different finger than the other keys gets a little bit in the way. I might try to map the whole row of thumb keys to be left / down / up / right and see how it feels.

You use a different finger for the up key? What fingering are you using?

I either use my thumb for them all, or I move my hand down and use my middle finger for the middle two, index for left, and ring for right.

If it’s on the numpad layer just move your right hand down since you’re not using the right side for anything else.

In the original post’s configuration, I use my index for up, and the thumb for the rest. I can use my thumb for all four, but I have to move my hand from its resting position. I have to play with the different configs a little bit more and see which one stick to my muscle memory. :slight_smile:

I like this idea! I also wanted an inverted T arrow key setup, but I also didn’t want to have to move my right hand off of the home row. So I modified the layer with the arrow keys to work that way.

How did you print the custom labels on the keycaps? Looks pretty slick.

And now I’ve noticed a “the” key. How’s that working out for you?

not OP, but it looks like they used clear stickers on unpainted keycaps, which kinda makes me wish I’d ordered a set of unpainted caps.

@JDH, @kajsa.anderson:

I used a labelmaker and clear tape to print labels and make my own stickers. More info and a picture of the whole thing here:

I keep forgetting to use it! I made a spreadsheet and got some English frequency statistics to try to determine what multi-character sequence on a key would save me the most keystrokes, and the answer turned out to be the four-character combo "the " - using shift with it capitalizes the T.

I’m thinking of maybe switching it to a shift-ctrl-alt-win combo (a “hyper” modifier) or something.

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The unmarked translucent ones are awesome! I am pretty sure more will be available soon. I highly recommend them if you like rainbows :slight_smile: :rainbow: :rainbow_flag: