Lasering the translucent keycaps for a long lasting font legend

I just started seeing some examples of the translucent aka the non black painted key-caps on Social Media channels. They sure look fantastic. That pondered me the question of how would they look laser etched with a standard QWERTY layout. Seems like this should be an option depending on how the results look? Has there been any experimentation with this at the factory? This may be pretty sick, and could add a classic and potentially longer lasting key legend that will be less likely to wear off.

I am definitely interested in other keycap options that are less likely to wear off. Laser etching at this point seems the most possible over other options like double shot ABS or PBT

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the standard caps are laser-etched. Etching without infill will be hard to read.

Ya not too sure that’s why I am hoping someone might have tried this or something similar. I would think it would be a different maybe lower intensity and longer process that would burn the abs plastic vs a quick fast cutting process that’s burning off the paint.

Here is an example of a laser etched keycap:

But etching and infill is an option too might look nicer, especially if the etching is too faint on the translucent plastic. I would definitely like translucent caps with black lettering.

Daniel J Brieck Jr

There’s some info on lasering keycaps in this Reddit thread, but it seems like trial-and-error is the main way to go, so I’d be hesitant to try it on the M01 keycaps.

For what it’s worth I bought these transparent stickers for keycaps from Amazon and they’ve worked a treat:


Hi Kevin, excellent first post (welcome!). That looks great and the font is surprisingly well-matched.

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