Will the Model 100 be available with translucent keykaps?

I’m looking forward to the Model 100 and also really like the translucent keycaps of the Model 01. Can I order that combination directly once the Kickstarter campaign launches?

On the discord channel, there is clues that points out this possibility :

[17:52] algernon :
@obra Will there be translucent or other, non-qwerty keycaps for the Model 100?

[18:07] obra :
They will    
There's a decent chance that *all* the keycaps will be translucent.
We're going to try for smoky-grey plastic with white legends

And on an other discussion :

[06:56] obra :
Hot swap MX mount switches, even more circuit protection, new LEDs that should be brighter.
and some very minor tweaks to keycaps

[06:59] Mayka :
@obra will this model also have the blank translucent keycaps available, or just the black ones?

[07:00] obra :
We’re actually gonna try something different. The factory is going to try to do smoky gray translucent caps for us and the ones with lettering would have a laser engraved white letters

[15:09] Rom1deTroyes :
:champagne: Linear keycaps set ?  (please, please, please !)

[16:27] obra :
We intend to
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Great! Thank you for the detailed information :slight_smile: