My basic Mac based Atreus layout

Nothing remarkable, 4 layers and only using 3 of them.

I have set it up for Mac and its taken me a fair amount of playing to get it set in a way that I remember where most things are on a regular basis with the occasional having to remember where the [] and {} are.
Please Enjoy and any questions please let me know.

Layer 0 - Basic typing and regular used punctuation. Layer Shifts are under my right thumb, for punctuation, numbers and mouse/cursor with another under left pinky for Hyperkey.

Layer 1 - (Whilst holding Fun) Numberpad on right and above number punctuation.

Layer 2 - (whislt holding Tab) Alternative number and punctuation in the regular layout but I never use this.

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Layer 3 - (Whilst holding Space) Mouse on left and cursor, media and related on right. Notice the extra : so I can type it with shift when on Layer 1 for entering times.

Layer 4 - (Whilst holding Esc) My Hyperkey layer. Key & Cmd + Alt + Ctrl + Shift. I use Alfred and BetterTouchTool to trigger automations based off these. I only fill the keys in when I add something.

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