Clone the Arduino-Boards repository and build from that - on Windows

I’ve been trying to get Qukeys to work, and Merlin said I need to do what is in the title, as my version of kaleidoscope is not recent enough. I’m guessing that the updates I get through adding in the .json link (as per the instructions) is not sufficient. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to do that on Windows. Anyone able to give me a pointer?

I did try getting the .zip from and including via the interface in sketch - include library which worked but didn’t change anything about Qukeys, and tried to do the same for but it didn’t work.

Managed to fluke my way through this using github. Not really sure I’ve done it right, but I just copied as many libraries as I could into the sketch/libraries folder and that seemed to have sorted it out.

Maybe this is something that needs a bit of a guide, but at least I seem to have it sorted for now.