Chord plugin no longer available?

Arduino IDE can’t find Kaleidoscope-Chord.h — is it no longer supported/replaced by another plugin?

I just ran into this too. Looks like they forgot to include it in the recent releases. Stuff like this is why I’ve been using a $300 keyboard as a paperweight since the Kickstarter shipped, but decided to give it one last shot to turn it into something usable before selling it.
It seems to be in the master branch:
Here’s the docs as a reminder how to get it into Arduino: Setting up your development environment — Kaleidoscope documentation

I’m shocked, but it actually works. Qukeys and Chords on the same keys. Took the development version and some playing with the QuKeys timing to get it. Last time before I gave up, combos couldn’t even suppress the base keys. Kaleidoscope is finally approaching QMK in capabilities and the Model 100 is usable as something more than funky looking qwerty board.

I’ll just assume this will get back into the release sometime. Not urgent for me, but I agree it’s a bad look that so much doesn’t quite work as advertised.