Dynamic macro plugin

I’ve been sorting out my keyboard mapping in preparation for my Model 01 arriving and looking at the features I use in QMK with my Planck. There doesn’t seem to a dynamic macro plugin in Kaleidoscope yet.

Is anyone working on this, or is it something that I could have a go at?

I haven’t seen one, and I hope someone builds one! I use this all the time in emacs, and was thinking it would be lovely to have it on the keyboard so I could use it in other applications.

There is such a plugin now, MacrosOnTheFly, courtesy of @craigdissel. It is not (yet?) part of Arduino-Boards, so one needs to clone it separately. It does not persist dynamic macros, they are only available until the keyboard is not rebooted, but that already covers a whole lot of use cases.

I had planned to make it possible to store macros in EEPROM, and then make it possible to program them on-the-fly (like it is possible to reprogram your layout with EEPROM-Keymap-Programmer), but that’s still in the planning stage, and with Craig’s MacrosOnTheFly covering a lot of cases, it’s pushed down my list quite a lot.

In other words, @craigdissel already had a go at it =)


Excellent. I mostly use momentary macros for repetitions of single special tasks in emacs rather than defining persistent things. I’ve tried to use automator and other tools on the mac from time to time, but don’t end up taking advantage of them in the same way. I’ll look at MacrosOnTheFly when I have a chance.

What is the process for pulling things into Arduino-Boards? It will add a level of complexity for folks using the Arduino IDE to make use of things that aren’t included. I do want to figure out the process and document it, but it may make sense to pull some of these external plugin’s into the main repository.

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I am at my juggling limit at the moment. Maybe in a couple weeks. :wink:

created an issue to track this. I think a list of plugins is an excellent idea!

My use case is also non-persistent macros, mainly to avoid repetitive typing tasks.