Enabling/disabling Macros

Right now I have one macro that I like to use for one particular task. I only do that task every few weeks and I haven’t come up with any other things I want to use a macro for, but when I do that task it’s super useful. On the other hand, typing those keys at any other time can be disruptive (the macro includes switching apps twice, etc). For now it’s on the Any key. I’m just using the standard macros plugin for it, with the expansion hard-coded in my firmware.

I’m trying to think of a decent-UX and easy-to-program way to turn on the macro when I need it and turn it off otherwise. I’m thinking something like, if I hold the Any key down for a few seconds, it becomes the macro key (and lights up?) and if I hold it down for a few seconds again it stops being a macro. Is this something that’s easy to do within the context of the macro plugin? Does anyone else already have a plugin for something like this?

Never mind, this is Kaleidoscope and everything is easy to just do for myself.


Now I want to make this into a plugin where you define a list of N macros and colors and you can cycle through all of them (and off). Or wait for somebody else to make it :slight_smile: