Ergonomics of reaching towards the innermost key rows?

I’ve been using the on and off for about a week now, and haven’t really worked out what the right way is to reach for the innermost keys (led/tab/esc, and any/enter/butterfly). It feels a little bit ergonomically awkward, so wanted to see how other people found it. Should I be taking my fingers off the home row to move my whole hand towards them?

is leaving your pink on its home key while allowing the others to float an option for your hands?

Tab and Enter, I use my index finger for, with a little bit of stretching. For Esc and Butterfly, I use my thumb, by straightening it. Led and Any does require me to move my hand away from the home row, so I remapped those two functions I rarely use.

I have always typed this way, moving my whole hand (and forearm; I don’t rest my arms or hands on anything while typing). I’ve never had trouble getting my fingers back to the home position, and I’m ~80% convinced that this is why I don’t have any kind of RSI.

I use my thumbs for the inner row. I was initially using my index finger, but it started to aggravate my hand.

I generally use my thumbs for esc and butterfly, and my index fingers for tab (which I have mapped to backspace) and enter. I don’t recall ever pressing led or any on purpose (although when I first got the keyboard I sure pressed them a lot when I was trying to type T or Y!)