First thoughts and a cheat

It is taking a while to get used to the enter key. So this sdcard stops me hitting enter by mistake. I don’t seem to have the same issue with tab key.

I find I have to keep looking at the thumb cluster. Also feeling stress in my left hand, perhaps due to more stretching as I use my fingers more evenly.

Once my speed is up I will try some plugins.

All in all, a great keyboard. It’s only been a day and my speed is back to useable.

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How are people having trouble accidentally hitting the enter key? I have large hands and even for me it’s quite a stretch from the ‘j’ key; hard for me to see how people are doing that accidentally. Speaking of which, I was really getting annoyed with having to stretch to reach the enter key until I found fn+space to be a much better alternative.

I do use fn-space.

I have small hands, perhaps when I do it I am moving my entire hand shrugs

Yeah testing now I think I have a habit of moving the entire hand. I’m coming from 10 years of Freestyle 2.

When I have some time I will look at getting oneshot.

btw, just posted by hitting tab by mistake :slight_smile:

Makes sense. I’m used to the Kinesis Advantage, so I’m in the (possibly bad) habit of keeping my fingers glued to the homerow. I haven’t had much problem adjusting to the alphabetical keys, but the numerical ones seem far away now and I find myself fumbling with the thumb keys a lot. To be fair, I just started using my yesterday :smiley:.

I’ve had mine for a couple weeks now. What I keep getting, specifically when using (which has you practice the keys you’re slower with), is pressing ‘esc’ when trying to hit ‘B’ (actually ‘X’ in dvorak), which starts the thing over.

The Freesyle 2 has escape way up in the left-hand corner. I keep reaching over there. 10 years is a lot of vi habits to re-programme.

During the work day when I have a problem that needs solved quickly the extra thought that has to go into type is very frustrating. Only time will tell if I can get back to typing without thinking. :slight_smile:

For all the former Kinesis 2 users, how are you doing now? Has the switch been worth it? Why/why not?