Flashing problem on Ubuntu (SOLVED)

Thanks for the report.

What you’re seeing is a successful flash. The first attempt fails, probably due to a timing issue. But the retry works.

We should start capturing that error output and only showing it if the second attempt (which succeeds for you) doesn’t succeed.

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Thanks for explaining that. For most cases only showing the error on a second failed attempt makes sense as its current state suggests failure to a new user. Would it be possible to have a verbose option on the output, to show the first failed attempt for users that need to report or debug errors? I’d be interested to know why it always fails on the first attempt.

it’s a timing issue. you are 100% correct about the better user experience. This is very much a case of “haven’t gotten there yet”

we’re also putting some effort into a much simpler cross platform upload GUI that doesn’t call out to avrdude. That would give us much better control.