Flimsy keycaps?

I recently joined the keyboardio club and I love it, and don’t want to go back to a standard keyboard again (at least the health of my hands won’t let me).

There is one thing I miss from a standard keyboard though. For years I’ve been using Apple Extended Keyboard with its thick PBT keycaps, and the thin ABS keycaps of the keyboardio (perhaps to let the LED lights shine through?) are depressive in comparison.

Does anyone else feel this way? Would it be possible to create a set of thicker keycaps, even if this would block the LED light?

We’re thickening up the keycaps for the replacement to the Model 01. As of now, they’ll still be ABS, since PBT can’t be made transparent. And ABS is physically lighter than PBT. So they’re still going to feel lighter.

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Thanks, Jesse. I now have another reason to look forward to the Model 100!

I’m not super knowledgeable about materials, but I’ve seen other backlit keyboards using PBT+POM. Is that prohibitively expensive? (I assume it means the keycaps must be double-shot.)

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It means the keycaps would need to be doubleshot. Which costs about 2x, just to get a single set of legends. And then you only get one set of legends.

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