For Sale: Model 100 / Maple / BOX Silent Ocean Islet (tactile) Switches - $285

Item: Model 100 with QWERTY keycaps
Price: $285 (obo)
Condtion: Like New
Location: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
Will ship for free to US location.

I really wanted to like this keyboard – the design philosophy, the build quality, the software customization, everything is certainly heirloom grade. I practiced using it with 10fastfingers (as recommended) and got up to a decent speed (70-80 wpm). However, for some reason, I ended up with more pain in my wrists using this board than using either the built-in board in my MacBook Pro or my MS Sculpt. I tried multiple tenting angles, rotations, separation distances, but all to no avail. My smallish hands seemed stressed by reaching all the keys, but this would probably be a great piece of hardware for someone with average-to-large size hands.

Includes all the Kickstarter accessories (short and long ethernet cables, USB-C to USB-A cable, screwdriver, cap puller, octo stands, traveling case, etc.). I no longer have the original packaging, but everything else. Right now, the board is programmed at Dvorak with a collection of changes to modifiers and a symbol layer, but obviously it’s super easy to reprogram.

See pictures below. Happy to answer questions.

This item was reposted and then sold. Thanks!