For Sale: Model 100 Walnut with BOX Silent Ocean Islet (tactile)

Item: My Model 100 in Walnut with the tactile switches BOX Silent Ocean Islet.
Price: 250€
Condition: Like new, except for a few tiny dents in the varnish (see pictures)
Location: France, Brittany

I used the keyboard for a few months, and I really liked it, but then I realized that I was too used to low-profile keyboards (this was my first mechanical keyboard after years and years of typing only on laptops). I thus moved to a split ergo low-profile keyboard.

I no longer have the original packaging, but it is sold with the travel case, all cables and accessories including the octo stands, and two sets of keycaps, AZERTY and Linear A.

I also throw in a Byhoo lube kit with switch opener that I never used and won’t need anymore (

Kenavo !

Je suis du côté de Brest, une remise en main propre serait possible ?

(Is Brest - Finistère - at the near edge of Britany for a pick-up delivery ?)

Haha, excellent ! Eh bien pour moi c’est tout à fait possible, si t’es motivé à venir jusqu’à Douarnenez :slight_smile:

Bonjour Bastien,

Le clavier est-il encore dispo? Je voudrais bien l’acheter si encore possible. J’habite a Anvers, Belqique. Pourriez-vous me répondre sur, svp?

Grand merci!