For sale: Model 100 walnut as new (AUD 450 + shipping) - Australia

Item: Model 100
Price: AUD 450 + shipping
Condtion: as new (a couple of hours of use)
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Keyboard, cables and all accessories in as new condition. I only tested it for a couple of hours when it was delivered and decided it is not for me ergonomically. Includes an extra set of keycaps (Dvorak). Shipping not included.

Hi Diego,

Do you have it still for sale? I’m looking for a second unit for the office.

Hi Dennis,

Yes, it is still available and boxed.


Nice. What kind of switches does it come with?

It came with the BOX Silent Brown switches.

Perfect. I’ve send you a message. We can discuss through messages about payment and shipping.

Hi Diego, I’m sorry to say, but I won’t be needing to buy the Model 100 anymore. A new special keyboard (not a Model 100 though) will be delivered to me in a few days at the office. Sorry I kept you waiting. I only figured this out yesterday evening.

Hi Dennis, no worries and thank you for letting me know.

Enjoy your new keyboard!


Hi @diego - sorry to see that the last prospect didn’t complete.

Is this still available please?

Hi @somatics, yes it is still available and boxed.


Cheers. Some questions, if you would be so kind:

  1. What accessories are included please?
  2. What keyboard do you use now?
  3. What ergonomic factors made you decide to sell this board?
  4. How much is shipping to Melbourne 3000 please?

Hey mate, no worries.

  1. Dvorak keycaps (in addition to the QWERTY ones); stand kit; all cables; key cap remover; keyboardio tool; 2 extra switches; 2 center bars (one flat, one angled); travel case
  2. I’m using a regular Filco Tenkeyless keyboard
  3. Basically I decided against layers. I made the compromise of reaching to the arrow cluster at the expense of leaving the home row (some key chords are just too ingrained in my brain)
  4. I would ship it to Melbourne for free