For Sale: Model 100 Walnut with BOX Silent Tactile Switches - UK

Item: Keyboardio Model 100
Price: £200
Condition: Like New (slightly used)
Location: UK

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

Hi all,

I was so excited to receive my new Model 100 back in September last year after backing the kick-starter in June 21. I had used the keyboard as my daily driver until earlier this month. I think I’ve given it a good go, but I just can’t get to grips with it for my workflow.

For day to day typing it’s fantastic! But I use Microsoft Excel a lot for my job, and rely on the muscle memory that I’ve built over many years to navigate by keyboard. After many changes to the layout of my Model 100, experimenting with a few plug-ins I’ve decided to switch back to a regular full-sized keyboard instead.

The Keyboard comes with all of the kickstarter elements:

Walnut keyboard
Carry case
Key switch puller
Keyboardio screwdriver
Two lengths of RJ45 cable
USB type A to Type C
Two spare switches
Two different connecting strips

Happy to post anywhere in the UK for the cost shown - I could do worldwide shipping for additional cost.

Photos here:

I would love to buy this from you & will be in the UK in about ten days.

(Is there some direct message functionality that we might use to arrange this?)

Hi, I’m happy to post this somewhere in the UK for you. We can use a private message thread in the community to arrange.



Thanks for everyone’s interest - This unit has now sold