For Sale: Model 100 walnut w/ silent box silent tactile switches

Item: Keyboardio Model 100
Price: $320
Condtion: New
Location: Atlanta, Ga

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

Purchased a few weeks ago, tried it for a day or so, and decided that it’s a lovely keyboard - but not right for me.

The keyboard comes with everything that I received from the manufacturer, boxes, papers, chords, etc.
Also includes the stand kit.

More photos HERE

Paypal is preferred. Will ship as soon as payment is recieved.

Can you explain why you felt it was not for you? Just curious.

It’s kind of hard to put a finger on honestly. I have have many similar keyboards, corne, redox, unikeyboards diverge, kyria, none of theme were an issue.

I think the size of the keyboardio might be a factor - it’s pretty large compared to all of the other keyboards I mentioned.

Also, after using many column staggered and ortholinear keyboards. I think I’m coming to the conclusion in my keyboard journey that the benefits are a bit overrated vs the benefits of continuity between using a row staggered keyboard my laptop - iPad - and workstation. Muscle memory between all of my systems is something I want to improve upon moving forward.

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Thanks for the answer Gary. I also think that often there is not enough thought about staying (somewhat) compatible with the non-geeky keyboard world. I am in the position that I do not need to share computers in 99.9% of the cases, but indeed I use a laptop while travelling or in different locations of the house, where I do not want to carry around a model 100 or another extra keyboard!

Bump, price decreased to $300 shipped.


Bump, price lowered to $290 shipped.

If a mod could update op it would be appreciated. Regards.


Has this already sold?

Or is it still available?

Thank you!

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Did not get an email for some reason.

The keyboard is still available. Thanks.