[For Sale] Model 100: Walnut Kickstarter / Silent Tactile / QWERTY, Linear-A, Translucent

Item: Model 100 from Kickstarter Campaign
Price: 200 € + Shipping
Condtion: very good - see pictures.
Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Hi, I have decided to sell my beloved Model 100. I have been using it at the office for programming for about a half year, but I simply don’t type enough to make it worthwhile. It is in good condition, but you can see some signs of use, which I’ll try to include in the pictures. Shipping preferably within Germany, but can probably ship to EU in general.

All accessories are included in the offer:

  • Model 100 Walnut (originally with QWERTY layout)
  • Octostands
  • Tilt connectors
  • two RJ-45 cables as included in the kickstarter
  • additional red RJ-45 flat cable, which I think is perfect for this keyboard
  • switch puller
  • original screwdriver
  • two spare switches (1 of them slightly squeaky)
  • set of Linear-A keycaps
  • set of Translucent keycaps
  • keyboard pouch

The keycaps on the board are a combination of QWERTY, Linear-A, and Translucent White sets, which are all included in the offer. I can place the standard QWERTY caps back onto the board before shipping, if you prefer.

I could not make out any mechanical or software faults, except one of the switches being a little bit squeaky. I exchanged that switch, and put it in the plastic bag with the other spare switch, because it is technically still working.

Examples of the cosmetic signs of use:

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Would you ship to Australia?

Hi Anita, sorry, I need to keep it easy logistically.

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Hallo Iridium,

I’d be very interested!

Would shipping to the Netherlands be an option?

I’ll send you a PM :slightly_smiling_face:

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is this still available or is it sold?

Hi Jorge, it’s currently reserved.

In case it is still available I would be interested as well (shipping inside Germany).

Hey everyone. The keyboard has just been shipped to its new owner. Thanks for your interest :wink:

And it has arrived :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the careful packaging and quick shipment. The whole set is in splendid condition. Thanks!

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Great to hear! I’m honestly glad to know it in good hands who will enjoy typing on it. All the best for you :slight_smile: