Model 100 walnut, silent tactile, complete with stand and case, 300€, selling in NL/ DE /BE/ Europe

I have decided that although I wanted to love the model 100 in the end I decided to stay with a row-staggered split keyboard for now, because I use laptop keyboards often and do not want to have to change how to use the keyboard when at the desktop with the model 100 or travelling with a laptop only. So right now no thumb or palm keys for me…

The keyboard was never used full-time, but I just practiced a few hours with it. Asking price is 300 Euro. So basically you save about 50 dollars and the high shipping cost of around 100 dollars and no taxes added as well!

I am in the Netherlands and can ship to other countries as well. Actual shipping costs will be charged. From time to time I can also ship from Germany, but that is only a few times a year.

would buy for 250 (seems usual price for used ones looking at other posts) - let me know if interested. thank you!

There is quite a range of prices for model 100 keyboards being sold. The keyboard is not new, because it was already “used”, but not more than some hours trying to get accustomed to it. I might sell for 250 Euro in the future in the case I actually would use the keyboard for a while and then decide to sell. I have adjusted the price now to 300 Euro + actual shipping costs from the NL (or if timing is right I might also be able to send from Germany, but this is only from time to time).
I will make some photos later, so you can see the condition of the keyboard and all supplied accessories.

Where do you live in the Netherlands? I would like to buy it if is looks good.

I have been super busy with work and travels all the time, did not even manage to make and upload some photos yet. I will drop you an e-mail.