For Sale - New/Unused Model 100 Maple, Silent Brown tactile switches + extra MAC keys

Item: A new Model 100 keyboard in Maple, with the silent brown tactile switches and a set of Mac keycaps. Keyboard has not been used, assembled, or even fully removed from the packaging.
Price: $300.00 shipped in the US with priority mail, will consider shipping to Canada or international, ask for a quote if interested
Condtion: New, Never Used, still in original packaging
Location: Portland, OR, US

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

When I backed the Kickstarter I had a very keyboard-heavy job with a tech start-up. I hung onto it for a while just in case, but my current role has very stringent limitations on the kind of hardware I can connect to my work computer, and I don’t have a use for this device.

Would you consider selling the Mac keycaps separately? I’ll send a DM

Im interested. Sending DM.

Thanks for your interest. Invoice sent!

Thanks for your interest. I have received an offer for the full set, but if that doesn’t go through I will follow up with your message.

This keyboard is now SOLD