For Sale: Never used Keyboardio Model 01

Item: Model 01
Price: $250 USD + shipping (continental US only)
Condition: Mint; unused
Location: Austin, TX

I bought this awhile back because of a repetitive stress injury. I hoped that this keyboard would help. It’s beautifully made but unfortunately never helped with the pain. So I’m finally getting around to selling it.

Is it still available? Do you know which batch of keyboards this was? (How old is it)? Is it the quiet click?

Would you be willing to ship to Montreal, Canada? It’d save me a to to the border which I’m trying to avoid… If not, it’s a drive to Champlain NY for me.

Can you send me a PM to continue the discussion?


Hey is this still for sale? I live in the Austin area and could pick it up from you.

It’s still available and you can pick it up from me downtown at work. Can you ping me at my username at gmail? I seem to be incapable of figuring out how to dm on this.

Is this still for sale, or did the sale go through?