German Layout for Split Keyboards


I like to create an optimized keyboard layout for the german language.
I currently use the ADNW variant for split keyboards with space on thumbs on my TECK.
Link to this layout (only German):Ć¼rDieGeradeTastaturMitDaumen-Shift

I have to see what will go on the different layers.
On my TECK I had used a key to switch back to a standard QWERTZ layout as a fallback.

The layout will be open source so anyone interested can use it and modify it.

Best regards from Germany

Boris Krƶger

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Statusupdate: Iā€™m still working on this.

OK, a short update on the progress of this ADNW layout.

I have it running on my Keyboardio and had to make certain compromises to get it on the Keyboardio.
Iā€™m in the process to figure out if I like it or have to tweak it more. Feedback is welcome.

Here is my layout:

  /* layout: Aus der Neo-Welt */
  (Key_Escape, Key_1,    Key_2,       Key_3,           Key_4,   Key_5,   Key_LEDEffectNext,
   Key_X,          Key_F,             Key_M,       Key_L,           Key_C,   Key_P,   Key_Tab,
   Key_Slash,      Key_S,             Key_N,       Key_R,           Key_T,   Key_D,
   Key_NonUsBackslashAndPipe,  Key_Z, Key_V,       Key_W,           Key_G,   Key_J,   Key_Escape,
   Key_LeftShift, Key_Backspace, Key_LeftGui, Key_LeftControl,

   M(MACRO_ANY),   Key_6,             Key_7,       Key_8,           Key_9,   Key_0,   LockLayer(NUMPAD),
   Key_Enter,      Key_LeftBracket,   Key_Comma,   Key_Period,      Key_U,   Key_B,   Key_Minus,
                   Key_O,             Key_A,       Key_E,           Key_I,   Key_H,   Key_RightBracket,
   Key_RightAlt,   Key_Q,             Key_Quote,   Key_Semicolon,   Key_Y,   Key_K,   Key_Backslash,
   Key_RightControl, Key_LeftAlt, Key_Spacebar, Key_RightShift,

Your error message suggests that the symbol ADNW is undefined.

Probably it is missing in your definition of the layers enum. In the original firmware it reads

In your sketch it must be something that includes ADNW, e.g.

enum { QWERTY, NUMPAD, FUNCTION, ADNW }; // layers

This is just an example. Remove all those layer identifiers that you donā€™t need, in order to safe some program memory that is otherwise used for dead keymap layers.