Good "throwaway" keymappings for any and Butterfly keys?

So kinda an odd request, but I tend to use a program with global hotkeys while also in programs like Excel or Word, and I’d like to make those into global hotkeys that work the program. I figured the easiest way to do so would be to map essentially worthless buttons to those keys to control the program without actually typing or moving my cursor in the program.

So with that in mind… are there any keys or potential mappings that would help with that? I’d need like…4 or so.

good candidates might be the really high F13-F24 keys I doubt you would see any conflicts with other programs and should be easy to work with.


That sounds pretty perfect actually. I’ll test them out. Thanks!

I didn’t even know we had these magical high number f keys.

Search for “IBM Model M terminal keyboard” to see pictures of a keyboard with all 24 function keys.

That is amazing. I think I’m going to do that. I moved my numbers to rightFn and the home row. I think I can make the numbers into F keys and rightFn + numbers into the higher Fkeys.

In case people wanted an update, worked like a charm. Thanks for the suggestion, super happy it worked so easily.