Starcraft 2 Layouts

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 with my lab-mates since it became free to play and have been slightly held back due to my lack of fine motor control. Specifically:

  • I can never use the map shortcuts, because I can’t hit the function keys without looking at my keyboard.
  • I’m limited by the amount of control groups I can have, because I can’t hit numbers above 5 accurately.

I was wondering if anyone in the community also played this game and if they’ve used the Model 01 for playing it at all.


I played Dota 2 on the Model 01. For the function keys, I just had to learn to touch-type numbers, then make the layer shift key a OneShot, so I can tap with my palm, then hit the corresponding number.

I don’t have a solution for the control groups though…maybe put some other numbers on the Fn layer (e.g. make “QWERT” be “67890” on the layer)?

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I’m a pretty meh starcraft player, not played on the keyboardio yet, but I can attest to the importance of being able to assign, use and modify hot groups and map shortcuts almost instinctively, which necessitates touch-typing them. I have certainly found touch-typing upper row numbers to be much more natural to learn on keyboardio compared with standard layouts (in which I did learn for professional purposes how to do it but only by brute force), but I am also going to make a left-half numberpad layer, which might be of use to you in starcraft scenarios I suppose?

I have not played SC2 in quite a few months and only got my keyboardio today, but:

With a normal keyboard i had the same problems and saved my SC2-life. You totaly have to relearn all hotkeys in SC2, but after that, you never look back. Should be possible to use on a without trouble, too.


This is so intensely insane that I must try it. I’ll get back to you after a few matches versus AI.

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I used to be a big starcraft 2 player, but Ihaven’t tried it on my Keyboardio yet. I don’t have anyone to play with, are you still playing?

If so, and if you’re still struggling, I highly recommend The Staircase. TheStaircase - Liquipedia - The StarCraft II Encyclopedia
It simplifies the units down to almost nothing, so you can focus on perfecting the basics. It’s designed just for units, but when I was still using a non-split keyboard, it really helped me learn The Core.