How to print a layout from Chrysalis?

I’ve made some modifications to the layout of my Atreus using Chrysalis, I would like to print out a cheatsheet. I can’t figure out how do this in Chrysalis without taking a few screenshots and forming one myself. Is this possible?

There was some work done to export the keyboard visualization part of the sceen, that is a SVG drawing, but this has not been finished yet…

For now, I use a screenshot, but there is only one layer per image, so you need to seek in 4 keyboards :cry:

That’s what I was afraid of, I’ll have to stitch some of those together and see what I can make!

The only think I can think of to make something better with not too much work to make something a little bit better, is a script to:

  • Export the all layouts as json (or manually copy and paste from the import/export menu).

  • Generate a JSON file on Keyboard Layout Editor with positioning your keys. (here is one for the Atreus keyboardio version: Untitled Keyboard Layout · GitHub)

  • Build a script to read all those jsons generate a new one with all the data together.

  • Import that json on Keyboard Layout Editor to have the printable image with all the layouts merged. (that page have an export image functionality).

If you build the script, please share it :slight_smile:

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Alternately, anybody know where to find a blank version of the papercraft Atreus that I could print and then fill in by hand?

In the keyboardio Atreus Box, send with the keyboard :slight_smile:

You can find the Blank PDF version and the original SVG source on the dedicated repo :

SVG generated output would be great, but that is the fancy choice. Even a simpler ASCII art version of the keyboard layers would be great (if that is simpler to implement).

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