How to turn leds off

I sometimes accidentally hit the led key. What’s the quickest way to turn them off? I end up hitting the led key a number of times and watching them change color, but have to experiment with hitting the led key multiple times to get them turned off.

You can create a macro that does LEDOff.activate(), and place it on your keymap somewhere. Or remove LED effects you don’t need or want, so you have to hit the LED key fewer times.

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Hmmm. “Create a macro”. I don’t know how to do that. I’m guessing this means learning about Kaleidoscope? And how to download new firmware?

Yes, this means learning about Kaleidoscope.

The first step would be installing Arduino, and getting the firmware sources. The wiki has guides for the three major operating systems:

The factory firmware is at:

If you install from git (recommended at the moment), then installing Kaleidoscope will also get you the factory firmware, as it is part of the “bundle”.

Macros are the best solution. I’ve got it so that tapping the LED button turns the LEDs on or off, depending on the current state. I’ve also got function+LED to switch through the modes, and shift+function+LED to switch through the modes backwards.

My layout is based on an earlier firmware build, before the giant refactor, but you should be able to see what I did and replicate it yourself.

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Thanks Ben,

The length of the file is a little intimidating, (I have yet to do a first firmware download) but I appreciate your suggestion and letting me piggyback on your work.


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Give me a day or two and I can point out the relevant sections. They are the macro definitions and the placement of the macros on keys on my layout.