Hyper modifier when held, normal otherwise?

Hi Keyboardio community! I am a very happy (and very slow) owner of a new Atreus, and I’m currently testing the limits of the Chrysalis software.

On my old (standard QWERTY layout) keyboard, the only modification that I had made was to remap Capslock such that it would mean Esc when tapped, and Hyper (ctrl-alt-win-shift) when held down. Since Windows is my daily driver, I simply used AutoHotkey to achieve this effect.

Now, I had high hopes that I could flash some layout onto the Atreus that would achieve this effect on any computer I plug the keyboard into. However, after attempting to set up that functionality in Chrysalis, I found that after toggling on the “modifier when held, normal key otherwise” switch, I could only choose a single modifier for that key.

For now, I’ve simply mapped the key to Capslock (oh, the horror), and re-run the old AutoHotkey script for the same effect. But I still wanted to ask the community: is there any way to achieve the “Hyper when held” effect from within Chrysalis?

Thank you all in advance for the assistance, and I apologize for any typos or brevity: I’m typing all of this on the Atreus for practice, and the learning process is steady but slow!

I have ctrl, alt, command, and shift as when-held modifiers for a, s, d, f, and mirrored across onto j, k, l, ;. Does the trick for me.

I had started with just f and j as shift-when-held, and was missing my hyper triggered Alfred shortcuts until I did this. I have had very few unintentional inputs with this setup.

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Kaleidoscope supports this with the Qukeys plugin, but you’ll need to flash custom firmware. Chrysalis only supports a very limited subset of the combinations possible with Qukeys.

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@merlin That makes sense. I’ll stick with the basics that I can achieve with Chrysalis for now, as this keyboard is my first venture into customized “hobbyist” boards and I don’t want to dig myself into a rabbit hole… yet. :wink:

@mileskrains I’ve been browsing some of the recommended layouts on this forum, and the home-key modifier setup looks very intriguing! Again, I’m going to try sticking more or less with the default layout for a week or so, to learn the basics and get comfortable with the overall style, but I look forward to trying out some of these more advanced customization options.

Thank you both for your help!