Imaginary hand pain while waiting for Model 01

Am I the only one who’ve started getting imaginary hand and arm pain just because I’m looking forward to my Model01 so much?


lol waiting waiting :date:

Hand pain, no, I have not noticed. But I’m developing other kinds of symptoms of anticipation. I think far too much about LEDs, effects, and all the good things I will be able to do with the keyboard. I also dream about keyboards! (Though the last one was a nightmare, I had to type on a QWERTY layout with half-width keys, and mismatching legends… yikes)

And if I squint, I can almost see the rainbows of the Model 01 on my ErgoDox EZ…

:keyboard: :rainbow:


Haha, well, I’m sure I’ll start dreaming of keyboard layouts when I get around to focusing on designing mine…

So the Discourse emoji reveals the ship date, July 17th!

Perfect for typing half-width presentation forms!