Interested in buying Model 01 in Europe

Got a model 01 quiet click at home, would love one at my desk at my uni for my master thesis.

Living in Norway, willing to pay shipping from anywhere in Europe (or elsewhere, not sure what shipping prices are like), must include the stands and be quiet click, don’t care about what production run it was made in.

Hey Andreas.

I live in Denmark and have one from May that is Quiet Click. It’s been used a little bit but I couldn’t really get used to it.

What are you thinking about price?

Hi Jesper

I live in Copenhagen and could be interested if you still have it… :slight_smile:

I still have it, still interested?

I’d be interested. US $ 250,-- seems a common price around here. That’s about € 220,–.
Are you interested?

I can do €260, I paid €320 for it incl. shipping.

JapSeyz what is the status on this, do you still have it?