Introducing Kaleidoscope-BlankPlugin

Plugin name: Kaleidoscope-BlankPlugin
Author: tiltowaitt
Source URL:


What does it do? Nothing! And that’s the point.

BlankPlugin is a basic plugin template to make it easy to create new plugins. I made it after discovering that such a template no longer exists (the old repo is marked deprecated and has had its source files removed). BlankPlugin has stubs for the various event handlers (save for onFocusEvent() because I’m not quite clear on if that has its own dependencies, or what a stub would even look like).

As a bonus, it also includes, a simple shell script that renames files, changes class names, and adds author credit and a short description, all from one easy-to-use command. This way, you can get started writing the Next Great Plugin in no time. (Currently only tested on Mac, but Linux should also be fine. It probably won’t work on Windows.) The repo has full documentation.