Third Party Plugin Naming Conventions

@jesse Are there any naming conventions you’d like us to use when creating 3rd party Plugins to differentiate them from “official” Kaleidoscope plugins? For example, in the Java world, Maven uses a plugin naming convention of <pluginName>-maven-plugin for 3rd party plugins and maven-<pluginName>-plugin for official plugins. I wasn’t sure if you might want to do something similar where Kaleidoscope-LEDEffect-Foo is an official plugin and LEDEffect-Foo-Kaleidoscope (or perhaps LEDEffect-Foo-Kaleidoscope-Plugin) is a 3rd party plugin.

Of course I’m not sure if your plans are that some plugins may eventually be “absorbed” into the Kaleidoscope project in which case the need to have to rename them might be problematic.


The thread here starts discussing thoughts:

There is indeed the intent of migrating plugins into (and possibly out of) the core. I haven’t heard discussion of naming conventions, but it’s not a bad idea. The code is very much not my bailiwick, so I’ll leave all further commentary to Jesse and algernon. I know jesse is away this weekend at a convention, so he probably can’t jump in for a couple days at the soonest. :slight_smile:

I personally think that everything should be Kaleidoscope-Plugin-Foo, where Foo is a name that describes the plugin’s use case or behavior.

LED effects seem to be Kaleidoscope-Plugin-LEDEffect-Foo.

I don’t currently believe I want “official” plugins named differently than contributed plugins.


Except I seem to keep opening my browser during downtime. oops.


Can’t stay away? :wink:

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Jesse has been able manage a KickStarter manufacturing project, create and develop a massive Open Source Project, and raise a new born all at the same time. Answering a Forum post while at a convention is child’s play for him :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Thanks for the info and response.

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True. Makes me feel like still being Human 1.0, while Jesse is already Human 2.0. Same for Algernon except he just got two Human 3.0, as I recently read in his blog.

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