iPhone and Remote Mouse app with Model 01, on custom holder (pics inside)

Hi all

Just wanted to share something I made over the weekend, after much searching for the perfect mouse input device to go with the Model 01.

I tried a couple of trackballs, but missed the gestures I’m used to on the Mac. I then discovered the Ergo Touchpad and promptly ordered the standard size one, which fits neatly into the space between the two halves when they’re about an inch apart. Unfortunately due to the underlying component used and it’s lack of driver support for MacOS, it does not support gestures on a Mac, only Windows.

After more searching I discovered I can use an old iPhone as a mini trackpad using one of the few available remote mouse apps (I am using “Mobile Mouse Remote”, requires it’s server app to be running on the Mac). This prompted me to build a holder for an old iPhone 5 that I use for testing my apps on. Its quite rudimentary, and needs some rubber feet to stop it slipping up and down but it works fairly well so far :grin: (its not quite as responsive as a proper trackpad but it seems good enough…)



Almost makes me wish I hadn’t disassembled my old iPhone for fun!

That wood bridge is nice.

Update: I didn’t use this for long; I actually now have my Apple Trackpad on a wooden block between the two halves of my Model 01.

I’ve ordered a trackpad from an actual MacBook Pro (which is much smaller) and going to see if I can solder a USB cable to it, so I can have the two halves closer together… I think it should work based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzzSodalrhE