Is M01 open source hardware?

(Shriramana Sharma) #1

Hello. I do not seem to see it mentioned whether the (internal) hardware of the M01 is open-source, as in there is a set of PCB layout and other required files which others can use/adapt to build their own simple M01-like keyboards able to use Kaleidoscope, especially without RGB leds, simple single-profile keycards or such? I am thinking like a college project or such…

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I note that here @jesse has said:

(Jesse) #3

Indeed, we’re still running behind. And we didn’t want to publish the design before we’d actually shipped preorders.

Kaia and I agree that we will publish the electrical design for the Model 01 in the near future. We’ve never published the electrical design for a keyboard before and want to make sure we know what we’re doing with the licensing before we do something irreversible.

It’s worth noting that “Open Source Hardware” is usually used to refer to and that hardware can be opensource without being Open Source Hardware.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re thinking of building a keyboard similar to the Model 01 without the LEDs and with MX style switches, you’re going to end up redoing so much of the layout that it’s probably almost just as easy to start from scratch. Also, if you’re making a one-off to hand-assemble, you probably won’t want to use the fiddly USB C connectors, the specific RJ45 jacks, the I2C differential transceivers, and some of the other weird stuff we use for the shipping product.

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Thank you for that most practical piece of advice! Frankly I don’t know much about hardware hacking. I was more like thinking of convincing an engineer friend of mine to take up a project and collecting info as my homework. :slight_smile: