Keyboard protector film

I can’t stand touching greasy things!

I used to have a silicone film I could throw over my laptop keyboard if my hands weren’t the cleanest (from eating or whatever), something like this. I could then go wash my hands and take it off and continue to type on a clean keyboard. I always handwashed them afterwards, but I wonder if I could have just thrown them in the dishwasher…

It would be great if there were such a thing specially made to fit the Model 01, one for each half. Like these ones for Macbooks.

Anyone agree?


Agreed. Greasy fingers to keyboard = greasy keyboards are the worse. I honestly don’t know how people can type on keyboards that are slick, its like having a rock in your shoe and it not bothering you.

That said, I just wash my hands and dry them on co-workers seats and jackets hanging on the backs of their chairs. I’ve tried the silicone wraps over the keyboards but they just feel weird, like the keys can’t breathe or something, and when pressing them down, its an added spongey feel to the key press. I don’t really dry my hands on other people’s property, just seeing if you’re paying attention.

I just wash my hands twice.



Oh, I absolutely agree. My use case is for dire circumstances, like when I need to eat and type at the same time.

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I exhume this topic because a few months ago, my employer advised us to use some cellophane plastic film on the keyboard to fight Covid19…
I use a silicon skin on my TypeMatrix2030, and it’s not so bad when the skin fit well (it’s not the case for all skins).

The skin needs to be sculpted to fit the keys or pressing a key would pull the adjacent ones due to the high profiles (the TypeMatrix use scissors key chiclets and are lightly scuplted).
I’m in doubt about using a flat film cover on a mechanical keyboard, even if it’s more easy to cut to the desired shape.

Maybe making a custom mold and use some DIY silicon kit could end in a not so bad result :man_cook:

Anyone get tips on this ?

If you manage to produce something decent I’d happily send money to get a set!