Keyboardio should make a huge keyboard

Now that keyboardio has made medium size keyboards (Model01, Model100) and small ones (Atreus 2), the next target should be a huge one, with a very large number of keys.

I’d love to have a version of the Model01, but with like 256 keys. That would be so awesome! You could have F1-F100 keys, all the different modifiers and modifier combinations, lots of special symbols - it’d be the best keyboard ever!

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Something like the Tardis Keyboard Computer?

244 switches in it. Mind you, the USB HID spec doesn’t have that many keys, so you can’t really have anything above F24… but you can have plenty of macro keys and whatnot!

Heh :slight_smile:
In the case of the latter, I suspect there were legal as well as operational reasons for all the keys - the operator has to be able to see the label and press it.

The Tardis operator? That’d be the good Doctor, right?

Oh, the donor keyboard is from process control, I was thinking chemicals or something but it’s written there on the linked page - “control systems solutions that managed as much as 25% of all electricity on the planet”

I agree, a keyboard with more keys would be great.

Maybe something like a Maltron?

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Not enough keys. I need at least 130, hopefully 150!

I hope keyboardio makes one! It’s hard to find a good mechanical keyboard with more than 110-120.

Out of curiosity, what would all the keys be used for - ?

Well a normal keyboard has 104 already. Then I’d want extra keys that could be used for macros on-the-fly. Some for permanent macros. Some for extra F keys (say F13-24). I’d want one for each half to switch hands so I could type one-handed. I’d want all the possible modifiers and some for common combinations of modifiers (like a Ctrl-Shift key, Ctrl-Alt, Ctrl-Alt-Shift). Maybe I’d add some for keys with a commonly used modifier (my current keyboardio layout has dedicated Shift-Tab, Ctrl-Left Arrow, and Ctrl-Right Arrow keys). Maybe some for mouse keys. Some for layer keys to give me easy access to other layers.

What wouldn’t I use them for? There’s no limit to the possibilities!!