What do you think Keyboardio is making next?

Hello J&K,

Because I’m impatient and like shaking my head at idiot drivers, when will we hear about this new ultra secretive next gen keyboard?

I know you’re busy with keycaps, outstanding (and informative) kick starter updates, and traveling cases; but in the event that you’re not chasing around your little one and doing all of these things please feel free to chime in or tell me to pound sand and wait.

The latest Kickstarter update has a teaser about it, and @jesse dropped a few other hints on Discord, namely that the goal of the next thing is “to do something nice, but with limited engineering risk”, and they’re “trying for something a bit more mainstream”. The teaser picture in the latest backer update suggests that much too.

It’s not going to be a Model01 with moar stuff!, but something else. I’m sure it will have a unique Keyboardio touch, but we all have to sit and wait a little longer for the big reveal.

Yeah. We’re going to get a bunch closer to shipping before we show off the new thing.

<speculation>Atreus-like model 01 without wooden enclosure! Portable! Compatible with m01 fw! Same thumb keys we love!</speculation>

FWIW, this part already exists. There’s this PVC case, for example, and the firmware that powers the Model01, also supports the Atreus! I’m using one for most of my gaming needs.

Not split, doesn’t have the Model01 thumb keys, but you can run the same firmware on an Atreus! :slight_smile:

The thumb keys have been a mind opening discovery for me. I was reeeeeeally tempted to give the atreus a go. But I’ll wait for the secret kbio to be unveiled until i make my choice.


  • where does the chrysalis repo live now? I saw the old one locked.
  • any news on the kbio case?

Cheers and mtfbwy!

But it’s not (yet) as functional as the old Chrysalis was. It’s much more maintainable, and written in a language many more people speak, so has a much lower barrier of entry.