Left or right shift? Spacebar with left or right hand?

  • Left Shift
  • Right Shift
  • Either Shift
  • Left Hand Spacebar
  • Right Hand Spacebar
  • Either Hand Spacebar

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Just curious about this. With normal keyboards I always used left space and right shift (except when gaming) and thus was duplicated on keyboardio. This was fortunate also, since I was used to using right hand for full stop of course, and it ended up making sense to make a qukey for shift held and a full stop leader key quasi macro pressed, where leader + letter output full stop, spacebar and that letter capitalised.

I’m thinking about using both hands spacebar, and putting backspace on the Fn layer.

I have shift on the “Esc” key and have the two keys labelled “shift” be parenthesis/bracket keys

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I’ve gone to left hand space, right hand backspace, because my First Person Shooter reflexes kept deleting words…